Regular car servicing can help you identify problems in their early stages before they turn into significant issues. Our mechanics can perform the essential oil changes, transmission flushes and ensure the vital components of your car, such as suspensions and braking systems are in good working order; giving you the peace of mind that they will not fail when you desperately need them.

Here at Top Notch Auto Sales we offer quality work to our customers and take pride in all that we do. Here you can find a list of our basic rates for our mechanic services.

Shop Rate – $65/hour

We can handle you front end needs, AC Charging, and Diagnosing Pesky Check Engine Codes.

New No Appointment Oil Changes

Monday thru Friday from 8am to 3:30 pm

5qt Conventional Oil Change Starting at $49.99

5qt Synthetic Oil Changes starting at $69.99

New & Used Tire Sales

Tire Repair


Call us to schedule your Top Notch service today!

> Monday through Friday 8am-4pm

> Saturdays by appointment

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